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Marianne knightley

I twisted my ankle shortly before the Dublin Mini marathon. It swelled badly and was extremely painful. Paraic treated me with acupuncture and chinese massage. Although it was still a bit sore, I was thrilled to be able to participate after all my training. My running friends were amazed. He truly has a great talent.

Mary Lynham

I had a dull achy pain in my right arm and could not raise it, even to brush my hair. Paraic diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder. After a couple of his treatments the pain disappeared and my arm and shoulder was back to normal. I had forgotten how good it is to be painfree.

Edel Clarke

Last year I attended Padraic with IBS symptoms. He treated me with a combination of accupuncture, meditation techniques and herbal medicines, all of which were totally new to me. My IBS gradually decreased. I continued to use the meditation techniques which I find great for relaxing and destressing. Today I am delighted to say I feel great.

Catherine McCaffrey

I have always found Acupuncture to be an amazing healing tool. But working with Paraic has been a really wonderful experience. His kind and gentle personality, combined with his amazing knowledge of his profession, has, in a few short weeks totally transformed my energy levels, as well as my overall health and wellbeing. I have recommended him to both friends and clients as I really believe he is one of the outstanding practitioners in his field.

Richie Shiels

Four weeks before a ski trip I pulled my hamstring during a game of squash. I was very sore and limping badly. It didn't look too good for the skiing. However, after just two acupuncture sessions , the pain was gone and my leg felt good. I continued with the exercises that Paraic advised and was back to full strength on the Austrian slopes....Thanks Paraic.