Acupuncture Beneficial For Exam Stress Management

It’s coming up to being an inevitably stressful time of year for Leaving Certificate students. We can all remember the pressure of the final exams, believing our whole life depends on the results.

Pressure can come from the students themselves, teachers, friends and family. And it’s not always a bad thing. The pressure often gets us motivated to study in order to do our best.

During exam preparation and the exams themselves, it’s important that you can remain calm, confident and as relaxed as possible. Increasingly studies are supporting the use of acupuncture in stress and anxiety relief. This allows you to function at your very best, giving you the best chance of doing well.

Here at the clinic we provide a combination of acupuncture, dietary advice, and possibly supplements to help you at this time.

The treatments provide relaxation by supporting the parasympathetic nervous system, promote better quality sleep and give you time to talk about your fears, stress and concerns.

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